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Add a New Employee

Add New Employee


Prerequisites: Setup Employee App

  1. Head over to the Employees section by clicking on the “Employees” menu from the sidebar.

  2. Click on the “Add” CTA from the top-right.

  3. Fill the fields

    3.1 Employee ID: The full Employee ID. Eg: EMP-001


    The Employee ID Prefix can be customised by modifying the Employee ID Prefix setting.

    3.2 Department: Department of the employee.

    3.3 Designation: Designation of the employee.

    3.4 Name: Official Full Name of the employee.

    3.5 Email ID: Official Email ID of the employee.


    This Email ID is taken as the username for the employee's ESS Portal Login.

    3.6 Mobile Number: Mobile Number of the employee.

    3.7 Employee Status: Whether the employee is currently working (Active) or has exited from the company (Inactive).

    3.8 Branch: Branch from where Employee is working out of.

    3.9 Date of Joining: Official DoJ of the employee. Default's to the current date i.e., date of creation.

  4. Click on “Submit”. Post successful submission you will be displayed a “Successfully Added New Employee” message and an email notification regarding the same will be sent to your email ID.

Last updated on August 23, 2023