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Assign Laptops

Assign Laptop(s) to Employee(s)


Prerequisites: Setup Hardware App

  1. Head over to the Laptops Section by clicking on “Laptop” from the sidebar and selecting “Laptop Dashboard”

  2. Click on the “Add” button from the top right.

  3. Fill the fields

    3.1 Hardware ID: The Hardware ID is a unique ID to help easy identification of a laptop. Eg: LAP-0234.


    This field is auto-generated and should not be filled. The prefix can be customized from the Hardware Settings page.

    3.2 Employee Assigned To: To whom the employee is assigned to.


    If the Laptop being added is already assigned to an employee, you can select their name from the dropdown. If this is an unassigned laptop, this field can be left blank.

    3.3 Serial Number: Serial Number (S/N) of the laptop.

    3.4 Brand: Laptop Brand.

    3.5 Processor: Processor of the Laptop. Eg: i5-12th gen, Ryzen 5-5600.

    3.6 RAM: RAM Capacity of the Laptop.

    3.7 Storage: Storage Capacity of the Laptop.


    The default Processor, RAM & Storage values can be customized from the Hardware Settings page.

    3.8 Laptop Status: The condition of the laptop. Default is set to “Working”. The status should be updated based on the life cycle of the laptop.

    3.9 Branch: Location of the Laptop.

    4.0 Building: The name of the building the laptop is stored at.

    4.1 Purchase Date: Purchase Date of the laptop.

    4.2 Date Sold: Sale date of the laptop.

    4.3 Date returned: Laptop return date (if returned by the employee).

    4.4 Remarks: Any additional remarks pertaining to the laptop. This should be used to add any relevant info pertaining to the laptop.

  4. Click on “Submit”. Post successful submission you will be displayed a “Successfully Added New Employee” message and an email notification regarding the same will be sent to your email ID.

Last updated on August 23, 2023